Answer: The Company has 2 major sources of operating revenue, with contribution as follows:

  • Revenue from sale 93%
  • Revenue from rental and rendering of services 7%

(Based on the 6M/2022 operating results)

Answer: Sales by channel are as follows:

  • Domestic 97%
    • Retail 78%
    • Online 11%
    • Domestic Project 7%
    • Dealers 1%
  • Overseas 3%
    • OEM and International Project 2%
    • Franchise 1%

(Based on the 6M/2022 operating results)

 Answer: Sales by product group are as follows:

  • Furniture 72%
  • Home Decorative Items (HDI) 20%
  • Mattress 8%

(Based on the 6M/2022 operating results. The Company has already terminated the sale of home electric under the brand of Power One and changed the sales area of Power One to be the rental spaces to Com7 Public Company Limited (COM7) since Q1/2022.)


  • %GP ranked from highest sales channel: Retail > Online > Dealer > Domestic Project > Overseas
  • %GP ranked from highest product group: Furniture > Mattress > HDI


  • The Company is one of the leading home furnishings retailers in Thailand with a full range of products including furniture, home decoration, and home electrical appliances
  • The Company has an integrated supply chain from its own production plant to various distribution channels covering nationwide.
  • The Company has its own in-house product development team and production plant, thus we can efficiently manage product quality and costs. It is also flexible to develop and produce new products as well as creating innovative products without limitations.
  • The Company has Younique Customized Furniture business, which is custom-made furniture for each customer. This allows customers to design and choose furniture and decorations to match their own preference. Also, the Company will not need to manufacture a large batch size, thus helps reduce the burden of stock keeping.


  • Our own design, quality, and positioning of the products are different from imported products from China. Materials, production standards, product warranty, and after-sales service also differentiate us from others.
  • Products sold under the brand of Index Living Mall have a high level of trust from customers which is worth spending for customers.
  • Having our own product development team and production plant, each product has a beautiful design, suitable for use, and creates customer satisfaction.

Answer: The Company has various brands of products covering all groups of the customer from Mass to Premium, e.g., Index Furniture, Winner Furniture, Younique Customized Furniture, Furinbox, Trend Design, and BoConcept, which are the customers’ top of mind in term of furniture and home furnishings products.

Answer: More store expansion is likely not to be as aggressive as in the previous period. There could be just only one new store each year. The latest new store opening plan is Index Living Mall - Lat Krabang around at the end of 2022. The store will be a mixed-use format containing both sales and rental areas. Both businesses are complementary and will bring more traffic, create more sales opportunities, and help secure revenue from rental and rendering of business. A new store will be in a mixed-use format, containing both sales and rental areas. Key tenants will be restaurants, supermarkets, fitness centers, tutoring schools, etc. We consider those tenants’ businesses will help attract more customers to our store and increase sales opportunities.

In addition, the Company will also concentrate more on growing through business partners such as dealers, local furniture stores, and construction materials stores in the area where we have no retail store. The Company will also focus on the online channel, which has been growing remarkably in the past few years since consumer behavior has been changing toward more online shopping. To enhance customers’ shopping experience, the trading system of both the Company's platforms and partners’ marketplaces have been developed regularly. The Company also has other key distribution channels, i.e., overseas franchise stores, overseas and domestic OEM, and domestic dealers, all of which the Company has set continuous growth in the next 3-5 years.

Answer: The plant is currently utilizing a production capacity of 57% (Based on the 6M/2022 operating results), which is sufficient to support business growth for the upcoming years. The Company has been improving production lines to be more of a Smart Factory by investing in automated machinery and robots. The Company also plans to invest more in automated production lines in the future to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs sustainably.

Answer: The Company’s plan is to expand the rental spaces in the future, along with the store expansion of Index Living Mall in a mixed-use format, containing both sales and rental areas where both businesses will be complementary to each other, bringing more traffic and creating more sales opportunities. Also, the Company’s gradually increased and more diversified tenants, starting to recognize the rental revenue from COM7 in January 2022 and from the second phase of the warehouse rental in February 2022, driving the revenue from rental and rendering of services in Q2/2022 to make a new high again after the previous record high in Q1/2022. Revenue from rental and rendering of services also tends to be growing for the remaining of the year 2022.

The Company is also planning to open Little Walk Krungthep Kreetha, which will be the third Little Walk after Little Walk Bangna and Little Walk Pattaya. Little Walk Krungthep Kreetha is a small-sized community mall with a leasable area of approximately 4,000 sqm and is expected to operate around in the middle of 2023. In addition, the Company has a plan to increase more rental spaces at Index Living Mall stores to drive revenue from rental and rendering of services, attract more customers to visit the store, and create more sales opportunities.