The Company places importance to the accurate and equal disclosure of information, including operating performance and other information. Thus, the Company has established an Investor Relations Department for communication between shareholders and investors with the Company via phone: +662 898 6420-5 ext. 6129 and email:

To ensure that the Company’s investor relations officers perform duties accurately, completely, transparently, equitably and fairly, the Company’s Investor Relations Code of Conduct has been outlined as operational guidelines as follows:

  • Disclosing material information correctly, sufficiently and timely, following the rules and regulations of the authorities concerned, such as the SEC and the SET
  • Disclosing information fairly and equitably by providing all stakeholders with an equal opportunity to access to information and does not benefit only a particular party
  • Treating all investors, retail or institutional equally
  • Giving all analysts an equal opportunity to attend Analyst Meetings arranged by the Company
  • Providing information and opportunities to the media to have access to data as deemed appropriate
  • Cooperating in providing the information requested by regulators
  • Providing the same level of information to all stakeholders. However, inside information can be given only when needed, e.g., financial institutions, credit rating agencies, advisors, etc. Such information must be handled with caution and in accordance with a signed confidentiality agreement
  • Performing duties with integrity and refrain from seeking personal gain from relationships and information obtained in performing duties for the Company
  • Adopting a “Quiet Period” which is 14 days before the results announcements, a period during which there will be no meetings, calls, or information providing to any investor or analyst
  • Adopting a “Blackout Period” which is one month before and one day after the results announcements, a period during which prohibit the Company’s stocks trading, applicable to information insiders including investor relation officers.