Because sleeping is crucial, as 1 part in 3 parts of our life cycle is consumed on sleeping to revitalize physical and brain health each day. However, when the survey was conducted by Department of Mental Health, the researcher found that 30-40% of Thai citizen have inadequate sleep, and 10% face chronic insomnia problem which may affect the process of thinking and analysis, and work efficiency to decrease 3 times less. It also increase tendency to gain body weight easily, and decrease the body immune system that may cause the risk of cancer, diabetes, alzheimer, and depression. Therefore, Ms.Kridchanok Patamasatayasonthi, Managing Director, Index Living Mall Co., Ltd., leading retail business of world standard quality furniture and home furnishings, has organized the launch event of "Perfect Sleep", the science of quality sleep with modern innovation of sleep to enable perfect health condition for all and celebrated the new look of Index Living Mall, Bangna branch through introducing a famous superstar as a brand ambassador, and creating new 11 design zones to offer new superior experience at Index Living Mall, Bangna branch.

The event is honored by Mr.Gregory Wong, Commercial Counselor, Commercial Section of U.S. Embassy Bangkok, Thailand as guest of honor in the ceremony, including executive from PureCare brand, Mr.Jeffrey Bergman, Managing Partner, President & COO of PureCare, who flew over to congratulate with Index Living Mall, as the first and sole business partner in Thailand, along with numerous health conscious celebrities to participate the event, such as Mr.Pita Limjaroenrat, Mr.Thanos Hongsananda, Ms.Ployvarin Songpakorn, Mrs.Chompunuch Rojsirirat, and more.

The brand has also introduced a famous super star, Ms.Kimberley Anne Woltemas, as a brand ambassador, who has joined the talk with experts about quality sleep, together with Dr.Wanwiput Sanphansitvong, Physician at Vitallife Wellness Center of Bumrungrad International Hospital, to share some tips on effective rejuvenating sleep for visible result, Ms.Warisa Chanbun , physiotherapist from Mind Home Clinic with advice in the accurate sleep position, Ja-Mrs.Yossinee Nanakorn, as an iconic modern woman who can perfectly create work life balance, and Tui-Mr.Teerapat Sajakul who previously experienced insomnia to share technique in behavior change to achieve good quality sleep.

"Perfect Sleep", created to be sleep solution center in One Stop Service format, emphasizes on solving problems and generating quality sleep perfectly on over 1,000 square meters of total area. Apart from full variety of products in world standard quality, "Perfect Sleep" also provides physiotherapist specialized in ergonomic science as consultants exclusively for those who are facing sleep problem. In fact, adequate rest isn't only about having 7-8 hours sleep per day, but also require other factors, such as sleep position, bedroom decoration, the features of mattress, scent, light, noise and even bedding accessories, which are elements of senses to enable the quality sleep generating real quality time for body and mind to rest.

Ms.Kridchanok Patamasatayasonthi, Managing Director of Index Living Mall Co., Ltd. said about the highlight and objective of founding "Perfect Sleep"that, "Perfect Sleep" is developed accordingly to our concern in the significance of sleeping. Because the good health isn't only depending on diet and exercise. Nonetheless, it is known among the medical society that quality sleep is the key to stay healthy, and effective tool in rejuvenation. Besides, as our furniture business has experienced many customer's inquiries on how to choose the right bedding product to have better sleep. So we found out that today many people are facing problems with their sleep. This finding generated the idea for us to create the service area at Bangna branch in new look emphasizing on addressing sleep solutions exclusively through full product range for all body types with advance innovation, and consulting service provided by professional physiotherapists.'

While Ms.Pichapim Patamasatayasonthi, Vice President Product Development of Index Living Mall Co.,Ltd also added more details about the service from "Perfect Sleep" that, "The service start from 3 easy steps; Quiz is the basic test about sleeping lifestyle of each individual to attain the data to compare with products to fit, next step is Consult with physiotherapists to give advice, and explain about the proper sleep position for each person, the last step is the monitoring process with the equipment guaranteed by global medical society in the analysis on finding proper mattress and pilllow with Sleep Scanning. This equipment can be used to detect the body pressure against the mattress, and display the vivid visuals of the spots on each individual that undergo with the pressure most, then the visuals will be calculated as numbers, then our experts will explain the outcome, and provide the right bedding solutions to support the body best while asleep."

For products to solve sleep problem effectively, Index Living Mall offers "PureCare" one of the leading innovative brands in the world from the USA now to the Thailand market. PureCare has everything you need to help you have the perfect sleep. It's comfortable, relaxing and promotes a better sleep. We offer a full range of pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and bedding. One of the highlight products are :

  • Celliant� performance fiber sleep product, containing a proprietary mix of minerals which boost a person's energy during sleep.
  • Clinically proven FR�O� mattress and pillow protectors provide a solution for sleeping cool, thereby resulting in a deep sleep.
  • OmniGuard� is a great solution for allergy sufferers, providing a physical barrier against dust mites, allergens, and bacteria while maintaining the softness touch.
  • TempSync� collection provides a balanced temperature for a better night sleep.
  • Adjustable Bed for relaxing sleep that can be adjusted accordingly to the body type and sleep position for each person properly.

Apart from that, we offer a solution service for sleep problems through Sleep Scanning Technology, an innovative technology analyzing body ergonomics conditions and recommend the most suitable mattress and pillows individually.

Experience "Perfect Sleep" today at Index Living Mall, Bangna branch in the new look, and soon at Kaset-Nawamin branch.