Policy and Sustainability Management Goals

The Company is committed to operating the business and creating sustainable growth for the business under good corporate governance principles, taking into account the impact on stakeholders under the Company's business value chain in economic, social and environmental dimensions. The Company established policies and guidelines for sustainability management. The significant aspects are as follows:

  1. Focus on the development and creation of high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, while also promoting quality and safe living and environmental friendly stewardship.
  2. Focus on technology development and innovations that have the potential to be used in business, service, and communication channels in order to connect and meet the needs of the Corporate Group's stakeholders effectively, quickly, on time, and easily accessible, while also emphasizing the security of personal information of those involved.
  3. Aim to develop business processes that are benevolent to the community and society in order to jointly improve the quality of life and create sustainable economic growth.
  4. Pay attention to environmentally friendly business operations, including the efficient use of resources and energy, as well as waste management throughout the organization's value chain, to ensure that the organization has no negative impact on the environment.
  5. Give priority to the respect of human rights and closely monitor the Corporate Group's business operations to ensure that it does not engage in direct or indirect violations of individual rights. For instance, the Company will oppose sexual harassment, violence, and child labor. The Company will treat employees of all genders equally.
  6. Focus on developing employees' potential and knowledge. Pay close attention to safety, health and the working environment, as well as providing opportunities for employees to contribute their ideas to the organization's development.
  7. Focus on anti-corruption by developing anti-corruption policies and guidelines in order to establish a framework for conducting business with transparency, ethics and good corporate governance principles.

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